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Venezuelan post rock combo Tan Frío El Verano will be at SXSW 2016!

Frío el Verano - Otoño

Post rock, IDM and noise are combined in Tan Frío el Verano's second LP, Otoño (“Autumn”). This album explores into the harsh corners of dark electronic, sound design and live instrumentation, creating an atmosphere and textures that mark a rapid evolution from their previous album, Primavera (“Spring”).

The group’s releases are based in a concept / story that began when four timeless authorities decided to incarnate in human skin: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

Tan Frío el Verano is an audiovisual collective from Venezuela born in 2007. The group experiments with elements such as photography, short film projections, illustration, digital design and live visual performance.

They started as a three piece and by now they are a super band leaded by Rafael García (programming, synths, melodies, vocoder), Carlos Sánchez (bass, guitars, synths, trumpet), Diego Blanco (VJ) and Luis Edgardo Herrera (art director). The new players are John Guarenas (Synth, Vocals), Humberto Isea (guitars) and Carlos Astros (drums).

So far the band has released Invierno EP (“Winter”) and their debut LP Primavera, besides a compilation with fellow underground musicians from Venezuela. Primavera was distributed around the world and received many awards including a nomination for the Latin Grammy’s.

After a year of work and moving to Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tan Frío el Verano dropped their second LP, Otoño , out on Scatter Records. The new musical palette of the group shows darker sounds with deep influences of industrial and glitch.

Tan Frío el Verano will visit the U.S. early next year with a special performance at SXSW 2016.

For fans of : Nine Inch Nails, How to Destroy Angeles, Explosions in the Sky | | Facebook: Tan Frío el Verano | Twitter: @tanfrioelverano | Instagram: @tanfrioelveranove

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